About Us

Who Are Our Members?

The Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association (GMUFA) is here to negotiate the terms and conditions of employment for our members and to ensure the application and interpretation of the Collective Agreement.

The GMUFA has 984 members. This comprises of:

409 Tenured and Tenure-Track Members

  • Professorial Ranks
  • Professional Resource Faculty
  • Instructors
  • ESL/PUC Instructors
  • Instructional Assistant
  • Science Lab Instructors/Supervisors


69 Full-time Contract

  • Nurse Educators
  • Full-Time Limited-Term


506 Sessional Members

  • Sessional
  • Sessional-Extended


Our members take on many different roles here at Grant MacEwan and this includes:

  • All instructors of credit courses, including in the baccalaureate, diploma, certificate, applied degree, English as a second language and preparation for university and college programs
  • Librarians
  • Counsellors
  • Writing and Learning Consultants
  • Learning skills specialists
  • Science Lab Supervisors and Instructors
  • Faculty/School Advisors
  • Instructional Assistants
  • Nurse Educators
  • Department Chairs


 **Updated October 16, 2017**