Joint Benefits Committee

The Joint Benefits Committee (JBC) is comprised of three stakeholder groups:

  • The Faculty Association
  • The MacEwan Staff Association
  • Out-of-scope employees 


The committee is working with Benefits Consultants Morneau Shepell to develop a refreshed and up-to-date benefits plan for employees of MacEwan University. Human Resources will be facilitating focus groups on the draft plan design. The focus groups will include diverse representation from all employee groups.

To provide feedback or suggestions, please contact one of the GMUFA committee members listed below, or send an email to the general JBC email account at

Jasmine French:

Jasmine gained faculty association experience working for the Association of Academic Staff University of Alberta. A rewarding experience, in which positive labour relations and collegial governance were often the achieved outcome. In her role assisting members, Jasmine ensured the collective agreements were interpreted and applied correctly to create a successful and consistent employment environment for all parties.

Jasmine's post university training includes multiple programs from the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society (now ADRIA), culminating in a Conflict Management Certificate.

Jasmine has served on numerous boards to support her children through their educational and developmental journey. She has worked for a partner in education, Alberta School Councils' Association, advocating for parental involvement in their children's education, while managing the provincial services for the association.

Jasmine is committed to ensuring the GMUFA is a relevant, active party in their collective agreement, always with the goal of meeting the needs of the membership within the mandate of the association.

Aimee Skye:

Aimee has a PhD in Experimental Cognitive Psychology, and has been a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at MacEwan since 2008. The most attractive feature of MacEwan then and now was a climate that truly values all three professoriate roles (teaching, scholarship, and service), and an ability to be relatively dynamic and nimble institution.

Aimee has been involved with the Faculty Association for most of her time at MacEwan, serving first as Vice President and then as President of the Board since 2012. Aimee takes a rather progressive and proactive view of what the Faculty Association is, how it can participate in creating an excellent environment for those who work at the University, and how it can be involved in advocating for post-secondary education.

Mike Annett:

Dr. Mike Annett, PhD, BCom, CHRP, is an advocate for effective and socially responsible management.  As a faculty member of the School of Business, Mike teaches and researches in the field of human resource management.  His research interests include inclusive employment (disability studies and return to work), human resource metrics and analytics, and corporate universities / peer-based training programs.  His scholarship practice follows the “Practitioner-Scholar” model which calls for direct engagement with practical issues and thus produces findings that clearly inform management and human resource professional practices.   Mike’s professional experience includes 15 years of progressive human resource management roles in the Alberta Public Service, private consulting and community service engagements, and multiple mentorship and coaching relationships with new HR professionals transitioning into the field.